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Friday, January 02, 2009


new york - okay, so this right here is from an article in the new york times called "whats wrong with vogue" written by cathy horyn of the new york times. frankly, i think that's GANGSTA! i thought there was a certain level of respect - or at least silence - that publications reserved for one another, but i guess not. and i digress....the fact is what's wrong with vogue is something routinely discussed in this industry. it's a topic i've discussed with fellow market and fashion editors. it's something i've discussed with fellow m.a students at central saint martins. it's something i've discussed with non-fashion folks - period. and i always assert that there's NOTHING wrong with vogue. it's an institution that is so rich with fashion scholars (or socialites) that whatever it does is valid  - in my opinion - be it major or mundane. but in any case, cathy horyn, a columnist for the new york times feels differently. here's what she had to say:

There are too many stories about socialites — or, at any rate, too few such stories that sufficiently demonstrate why we should care about these creatures. What once felt like a jolly skip through Bergdorf now feels like an intravenous feed. To read Vogue in recent years is to wonder about the peculiar fascination for the "villa in Tuscany" story. Ditto staff-member accounts of spa treatments and haircuts. - From Cathy Horyn's "What's Wrong with Vogue," in the New York Times.
photo: cathy horyn, styling on these fools. source: moca detroit

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