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Monday, January 05, 2009


new york - (i already know that my mom is rolling her eyes at the post title!!! lol!) but moving on, last friday, january 2nd, was my boyfriend, franklin's birthday. he is a legendary homebody who wants nothing but a homecooked meal for his birthday. i definitely don't mind obliging that wish 264 days out of the year, but when it comes to birthdays i like to do it big (hence my trip to stonehenge and bath to celebrate mine.) for his, i pulled together an intimate surprise birthday dinner at talay in harlem. our dear, dear, dear friends: julee, rasaahn, janelle , leigh ann, matthew, q, jaqueline , randal , david , kareem as well as franklin's family, omar, louis, miguel and friends adele and prius made it a very special night. i am begging you to get into my dress. it is my favorite lbd (little black dress of the moment.) it is a skin tight, mid-thigh situation, with strappy back detail. i paired it with my sergio rossi pumps, a statement bangle from hennes and mauritz in london (trying to make h&m sound posh blaynistas) and a briel necklace i got from my girl michelle as a gift.


Camille Acey said...

i can't see the dress.

also trying to peep the hair. we need detailed photos ms. honey!

Anonymous said...

Camille I liivvveee for u! U always get in and get in! I will take more pics of the dress. The hair is in braids now and I had it tied up!

MS Reviewer said...

Had a blast, not even going to hold back!!

Naki said...

i loves me a dress with long sleeves! and i agree with the comment pics please. Stay fab!

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