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Saturday, February 21, 2009


london - my dear readers, this is a heart felt note to apologize for the lack of updates. i totally, totally hear you on your frustrations for lack of updating but it hasn't been for naught. the past month has seen my schedule go into crunch mode as i balance my duties as market editor at paper with my work as a graduating masters student at central saint martins with life in general. it's not meant to be an excuse , just an explanation. i totally love you guys and appreciate your devoted readership. it may not feel like it, but this blog is getting ready to head into its best days yet and once i'm wrapped with my degree there's be bigger, better, bolder blogs to come. speaking of which, i'm in london right now doing just that: preparing to graduate - FINALLY -from saint martins. stay tuned for pics, etc from my final days as a student at csm and in london in general. i love you guys and miss you guys and beg you guys to continue to be patient with me. 


MR style said...

wicked dude

Anonymous said...

Alright all is forgiven. I understand, now go get that degree! Congrats

Style Canteen said...

Zandile..hun.. miss you already!! it was lovely to see you on LFW circuit. Anything stand out as too amazing?? CSM was cool, I'm still trying to catch up? Good luck with graduation and dont forget us Londoners ok..XX

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