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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


paris - any blaynista worth her 2.5 quilted knows that i've admired gabrielle coco chanel for some time now. ( so much so that i spent my entire tuition check on a bag....i know what you are thinking....) that said, there's great news for other chanelistas: coco avant chanel (french for coco before chanel) has debuted. a glittering premier was held at the champs elysee in paris last night where audrey tautou held court. this particular biopic - unlike the lifetime version - sticks strictly to chanel's childhood, young adulthood and ends with her first runway show. it's based on one of my favorite chanel biographies of all time, chanel and her world, by edmonde charles-roux. this should be a good one.

pics:; star audrey tautou in a look from chanel's spring 2009 runway

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Anonymous said...

love her haircut!!! so chic SS

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