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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


london  - so that title is hood vernacular, it loosely translates into: thieves just stole a whole heap of clothing from uber trendy and luxurious british retailer harvey nichols. the robbery was described as "smash-and-grab" where a gang of robbers literally smash their way into the store and grab as many items as they can. in this case it happened right after 1:30 a.m and involved six suspects who pulled up to the store on motorcycles and used sledgehammers to work their way in. they went straight for jewelry among other things. according to wgsn, these guys are part of a mob called fagin's kitchen who have stolen more than $6 million dollors worth of goods. does anyone else see a movie script coming on? zandile blay

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april said...

I think i need one of your pronunciation guides for Fagin'

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