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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


new york - the news has been circulating online for a while now and i loved it the moment i read it: marios schwab is heading to halston to become it's new creative director. he will be the first creative director of the rejuvenated halston brand since marco zanini left roughly a year ago. the designer will be moving to new york from london for the gig, while still continue to produce and show his name sake line in london. so blaynistas, how do you feel abou this news? personally i think its legend. schwab is a brilliant designer, and halston is a brand i have a severe fondness of. it is to me, an epitome of a genuine american luxury label. will schwab sink or swim in this venture? i almost want to say 50/50. but i'm hopeful as to me, he is stronger equipped for this position (though not necessarily more talented for it) than zanini was. in a recent interview he said, "Of course I feel the pressure. It's a huge challenge but fashion at the moment needs innovation. . . I'm just trying to be humble and see a nice challenge. It's going to take time." time will tell. let's keep our eyes glued on this one. zandile blay

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