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Monday, May 18, 2009


new york - blaynistas! so my hair was finished days ago, but i totally forgot to upload photos of my new 'do. my love of lace fronts are legend. but miraculously my good friend janelle grimmond has gradually coached me away from them. she enlisted me with two of her trusted contacts, one of them being quentin hardy, who is the primary stylist for celebrities like iman, kimora lee simmons and zoe kravitz. hardy, who is also a dear friend, crafted this look for me and i love it. the layered look, hangs loosely down my back and is 26 inches at it's longest, dyed jet black. camille acey - i promise this style is super, super, super durable! it's my second time getting a full weave as opposed to braids and lace fronts which have been my standard for the past two years. it's safe to say i'm not going to go back. let me know if you love this look!


Camille Acey said...

as you would say (and what you now got me saying!):

"i am living, dying, and being resurrected for this look. HOTTT!"


Anonymous said...

U look beautiful! But you'd look beautiful bald!! The hair is fab, though.

Now tell janelle to give me my movie back!!!


Jim Brown said...

love love love it. weave-spirational.

Edyta said...

Cant just comment on your hair only beacuse I just really love the whole relaxed and chic look you're sporting Miss Blay! Yes, your hair - obviously: sexy, wavy, black and beautiful! And then the jeans with the white T-shirt and the dark green (?) shoes - brilliant!
Your Dear CSM Friend :)

Terrence said...

you look fabulous.
xoxo- tp

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