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Monday, May 04, 2009


www - so just a heads up: this spring/summer are going to be all about new columns within the blay report. it makes it easy for me to categorize my thoughts/interests and - i think -makes it easier for you to consume that end, i'm introducing one of the first: ready to stare. here is where i invite you to share one of my habits: going back after the season is over to take a look at collections with an unharried eye. this will be a daily column, and the brand i've selected for the inaugural is lanvin - a personal favorite. here are my top six looks from the show. the collection was very dark (literally - most looks were black from head to toe) but striking and very architectural. after about the 30th , out of 52 looks, it did start to feel a bit repetitive. but overall a strong show. did this rate on your top ten? zandile blay

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