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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


New York- rihanna seen in the city heading to a bussiness meeting.. Balmain demin
London- Naomi seen taking a smoke break looking fabulous and partied out
on her birthday at China Tang in London.. Vuitton boot= enough said

Heathrow International (London)- It's Mariah Carey of course.
The diva is apparently heading back over to Cannes after just leaving with her husband
earlier this week. But where is she going with that tired satin slipper? ugh!
Lindsay Lohan Jumper
Los Angeles- Lindsay chose a rather interesting outfit for her day, a silk jumper.
Lindsay can pull it off and the colors are great, but I find myself wishing she wore a different shoe
Terrence Phearse

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure those are CHANEL boots Naomi is wearing... not Vuitton.
And Mariah is a prime example of when YSL shoes go wrong. So chic on someone else and she manages to make them look like Candies.

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