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Friday, May 29, 2009


New York - And the award goes too… Fragrance Foundation's 37th annual
awards ceremony was held Wednesday in Manhattan. The star studded
events, with celebrities ( almost all we should mention who have their
own perfumes) like Queen Latifah, Marc Jacobs, Mary J Blige, Sean
"Diddy" Combs, Dustin Hoffman, Ernest Borgnine, Paris Hilton, Hilary
Rhoda, and Kate Walsh were there to walk the red carpet while smelling
(we hope) their very best. Tip from the male stars? Squirtz the neck.
Both Combs and Hoffman smell a woman's neck rather than her wrist.
Combs went on that evening to win his second FiFi for I am King. Marc
Jacobs and Paris Hilton also took home FiFi's to add to their
collection. As far as Jacobs go, I can't wait to get my hands on Marc
Jacobs's newest scent, Lola!  Daisy, Jacobs's first successful perfume
was named after Daisy Buchanan form "The Great Gatsby", coincidence
that I also named my fluffy friend after Gatsby's love? Fate, I think
yes. By the way did I mention that the judging for the FiFi's was at
LIM? One smelly hallway that lead to…

Fragrance of the Year — Women's Luxe: Harajuku Lovers Fragrances —
Love, Lil'Angel, Music, Baby, "G" — Coty Prestige

Fragrance of the Year — Men's Luxe: I Am King — Sean John — Sean John Fragrances

Fragrance of the Year — Women's Popular Appeal: American Beauty
Beloved — BeautyBank

Fragrance of the Year — Men's Popular Appeal: McGraw by Tim McGraw — Coty Inc.

Fragrance of the Year Unique Boutique: Tom Ford Private Blend Champaca
Absolute — Tom Ford Beauty

Fragrance of the Year Women's Nouveau Niche:
Chloé Eau de Parfum — Coty Prestige

Fragrance of the Year Men's Nouveau Niche: Burberry the Beat for Men —
P&G Prestige Products Inc.

Fragrance of the Year — Private Label/Direct Sell: Victoria's Secret
Sexy Little Things Noir Eau de Parfum — Victoria's Secret Beauty

Hall of Fame: Marc Jacobs

Female Celebrity Fragrance of the Year:
Paris Hilton

- Lola Méndez

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