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Sunday, May 31, 2009


trinidad - believe it or not, I'm not on vacation! I'm actually here to cover trinidad & tobago fashion week. yesterday was day two of the show and eight designers were shown on the catwalk at the hyatt trinidad - the same place where the summit of the americas took place. I was impressed with the scale of the production - especially for an event only in its second year. the venue was great and was filled to capacity and the energy was certainly electric. The line up of designers was solid. I didn't see anything that broke any boundaries or really distinguished trinidadian fashion from anything i'd see anywhere else, but it was good to see what the island had to offer by way of designers and get a sense of the talent and aesthetic. That said my favorite collection was for a label called the cloth, by robert young. the pieces were simple, straight forward and clearly well made. get into these pics of looks from the cloth and the seven other labels that showed. zandile blay

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