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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


www - file this under the striking while the iron is hot category. one of my fave designers, matthew williamson  - of the legendary and of the moment h&m collaboration - is launching a new ecommerce site. it will sell pieces from his catwalk collections as well as his toned down commercial pieces. accessories and online exclusives will be available. the site is being developed in partnership with a uk based company called pod 1.  founder  of pod 1 said  of the site, " ... for a celebrated designer of matthew williamson's caliber, it is vital this his client base can access all of this in one dedicated area..." agreed. that said, i am super confused. isn't it 2009? why are so many designers and retailers seemingly JUST getting e-commerce on their sites. by now they should have evolved past this to new technologies that allow clients to have a fuller and more dynamic retail experience. not to mention a blog on each site whichsyndicates the blay report! amen somebody!! 
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