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Friday, June 26, 2009



Worldwide- jacksons influence lead far beyond pop culture, he transcended far beyond his fashion and stardom but ultimatley leading up to a cultrual revolutionist, and an icon. By the mid-90s, Jackson's style had evolved into a hybrid that made him look like a military space doctor.In the image above was taken last week as jackson was leaving a doctors appointment in beverly hills wearing a balmain jacket, black and white leapoard pants and a classic ysl johnny boot. i highly regard michael for his eccentricity and gentle sould.
But the King of Pop can pretty much wear anything, and i would wear anything that he wore. 100 years from now, Michael Jackson will be seen for what he is: An icon. A musical genius. an appariation, and a recluvise individual. Nonetheless, his military themed flamboyant style will
no doubt be imitated and emulated for generations because beneath the sequins is an appreciation of the classics. White socks with penny loafers, straight-leg flat-front pants a fedora, that stuff will never go out of style - Jackson's legend guarantees it.
Highest Regards,
Terrence Phearse

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