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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Esteban Cortazar quits Ungaro because of Lindsay Lohan
Paris- we are days late, but zero dollars short with this bit of news which hit the fashion scene earlier this month: cortazar is out at ungaro. "According to sources, the French fashion house plans to part ways with Esteban Cortazar, who has shown three collections on the runway. It is understood the designer reached an impasse with Ungaro management over its marketing and advertising strategy. Mounir Moufarrige, Ungaro's chief executive officer, is said to be pushing for a celebrity for future ad campaigns to help wake up the house and has been in talks with about half a dozen potential candidates, including Lindsay Lohan, but they would have nothing to do with design." in our humble opinion? this house needs a clue. as dynamic and talented as ungaro was, it is clear to us that they are more interested in attracting international media attention than a strong, mature, talented creative director who will steer the house towards slow and steady progress. we were shocked when we first read of estaban being appointed - it seemed like a job much too big for a boy of his experience. now they are looking at "celebrity candidates?" that should be the last thing on management's mind. here's to hoping they figure it out ....and fast! Terrence Phearse and Zandile Blay

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