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Thursday, June 25, 2009


www- for the past few weeks now, i've had the pleasure of receiving daily emails from one of my new, favorite groups. hint: it's always around 11:45am and it's always good news. any guesses? none other than the innovative and praiseworthy gilt groupe, informing me of the soon-to-begin sale and revealing what fab designers are in store for the day. the members-only group founded by friends alexis maybank and alexandra wilson allows a lucky set of discerning shoppers to have access to substantially marked down (usually hovering around %70 off) designer and luxury goods. everyday, a new sale with different goods is offered at twelve noon- sharp, and only lasts for one day. think of it as something like a virtual sample sale- sans the stuffiness and catty clawing to get to that last zac posen dress. but, the venture certainly isn't lacking in the popularity department. despite the exclusivity of its strict invitation-only rule, marchesa, vera wang, marc jacobs, chloe and the likes often fly off the site before you can click "purchase!" yesterday it was geren ford, bill blass handbags, and richard chai; today it is thakoon and prps, amongst others. the prices are jaw-dropping, and the high-end threads are just as impressive. guilt-free shopping has never looked so good! sydney cannon

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