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Saturday, June 13, 2009


new york - BY. FAR. MY. FAVORITE. CRUISE. COLLECTION. TO. DATE. i am too busy dying and living and dying all over again to even elaborate....discuss! discuss! discuss! .....okay, i can't let it go down like that. here is why i am in fits and giggles over this: it is absolutely fun, light hearted and delightful. this is fashion at it's best. specifically, this is resort at it's best. as i'm reviewing the resort collections which have debuted thus far, i feel confused. for the majority nothing in particular about the clothes feels like it's meant for travel or vacation. instead it reads - at least to me - like a capsule or pre-collection. hence my excitment over what lanvin offered. the pieces are clearly fashion forward, yet functional for an exotic vacation, easily taking you from beach luau to night time partying. kudos alber. zandile blay

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