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Sunday, July 19, 2009


paris - call it frivolous, but i am willing to spend my last to go to paris to buy these (and this is not an empty threat.). ofcourse i am talking about the boots on the right side, which are colette's limited edition timberland shoes. and by limited, i mean limited. only 40 pairs of these boots are being made, and only 9 out of these are for women considering the weight of this collaboration, i think the retail price of $330 is pretty reasonable. it will be launched at colette's paris boutique in september. (sidebar: why hasn't a colette, new york been launched? seriously!) by the way, if you are reading this blog, i assume you not already know what colette is, or why colette is, but have a piece or two from the legendary paris boutique in your closet. that's why i heart you.

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Camille Acey said...

well there has been at least one colette pop up shop in nyc in the past. not sure why there is no colette new york, except for the fact that colette seems to be so uniquely paris and such a Holy Grail that it couldn't be duplicated...but i could be wrong.

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