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Friday, July 17, 2009


www - my love-hate relationship with technology gets more tumultuous with its every advancement. because browsing designer goods on net-a-porter from the convenience of one's laptop is no longer, well… convenient enough, there's now an iphone application for that. at the recent launch of the apple and net-a-porter colab in london, the luxury retailer's founder (natalie massenet) said, "you used to go to see christian dior in paris to have a dress made, but now you can go to roland mouret in your hand". the nett-app enables customers to shop on net-a-porter from their iphone without having to reenter payment details, and new products are added twice per week. convenience is a wonderful thing. but, wouldn't a girl be so lucky to flee off to paris, smell the air, walk the busy streets, run her fingers across the rich fabrics, and all of the other cliché yet magical things that come along with a shopping extravaganza? will soon all of the romance and excitement of traditional shopping be lost in the web of online button clicking? who knows? until that time, i'll be impatiently waiting on my new nett-app to download. touché. – sydney cannon

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My Fashion Frenzy said...

I'm a sucker for technology :(

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