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Sunday, July 12, 2009


worldwide- there seems to be a trend creeping up around the world, and it's a fusion of home and fashion. certain powerhouses, already notorious for their sartorial success, are entering the realm of hospitality. The latest to do so is the vibrant darling of Italian luxury, missoni. hot on the heels of the edinburgh missoni hotel, the iconic group will soon introduce its kuwait location, decked out in unmistakably missoni patterns. the 169-room haunt was carefully designed by rosita missoni, and reflects the bold flair that is synonymous with the brand. next in line is the armani hotel and residences, opening in burj, dubai. located in the world's tallest building, the swanky spot fits right in with dubai's glittering skyline. expect everything from a floral shop to a nightclub, all bearing the stamp of armani approval. the message? true style expands far beyond a wardrobe; it's a quality of life. itching to see what designer will be next to brand a style of living… - sydney cannon

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