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Monday, July 13, 2009

If Wishes Could Be Worn..

brazil - I am a big believer in wishes. I am bigger believer in bracelets. Now
wishes as bracelets, genius. Blaynistas meet the Brazilet. These
colorful cloth Bonfim ribbons  have mystical power according to a
history of Brazilians who believe in their powers dating back to two
hundred years ago. These darling tokens come from Bahia, Brazil. The
script translates to read In remembrance of our Patron Saint good luck
in life." You wrap the strand around your wrist twice then tie three
knots and make a wish for each knot. Naturally over time the material
will begin to fray, no helping along with this process! Once your
bracelet falls of your wishes will come true. Better yet, a portion of
the proceeds goes towards those at Brazielts biggest wish, saving the
Amazon. A percentage of the $5 charger for each braclet is giving to, a community dedicated to planting a million trees
in the brazilin rainforest. I have the black style which is almost
worn down, and I have to admit, my wishes are feeling like they've
come true! Celebrities are also counting on the Brazilian accessories
to help their wishes come true, Brazilian actress Camilla Belle sports
a white one. Visit to learn more about the history,
and even add your own desejar on the site.  I promise the I wish I was
a unicorn, was not mine!! - Lola Mendez


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