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Thursday, July 23, 2009


new york - blaynistas! i must say , i am very late in serving you this hot tea: mac cosmetics has pulled the rug from under i.m.g with a new agreement to host fashion shows in downtown new york city at milk studios. ofcourse, this arrangement is in direct competiton with the uber established img fashion week which takes place each season in bryant park. here's the thing: offsite fashion shows, even those with sponsors have never been an issue. so why is it now? the caliber of the shows! mac & milk (actually sounds tasty, if a little too dairy rich) have snagged of the moment designers like alexander wang ('nuff said really), threeasfour and band of outsiders to show at their venue. furthermore, it's free. honestly, this is bound to shake the very foundation of how new york fashion week operates. on one hand i empathize with i.m.g, they have been dealt a massive and unexpected blow. but on the other hand - they left the playing field wide open for an ingenious competitor. the industry, and world at large, is a rapidly changing one. those of us who don't move with it and deliver the innovation necessary to lead the pack - or at least keep up with it - will lose. can i get an amen?

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