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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Michelle Watch: What MOBO Wore Round Up

I mean, honestly, I would have loved a touch of Kente cloth on Michelle, but the multi-stripped A-Line dress she wore to the Sophie Theallet hospital in Accra is a nice turn.

Let's call a spade a spade: here in Rome, Michelle gets a run for her money from the Pope who is serving us in his signature Prada pumps - sorry - shoes. Michelle volley's right back in her Moschino dress complimented by a Michael Kors coat.

I mean...perfection. As Michelle hopped off the plane last week from her European travels, she looked just as I love her: perfectly poised, perfectly coiffed and perfectly dressed in a classic, Moschino cinched waist number.

worldwide - ...and she continues to show them how to do this son. does michelle obama - or her stylist - ever have an off day? i'm not just talking about the sexy silhouette: always knee length, always cinched waist, always a peep of collarbone, the sickening labels (moschino anyone?), or the fresh, seasonal colors, but the complete poise with which my auntie (in my head ofcourse) wears clothes. she gets an a+ in this week's post for adding a designer i haven't noticed her in before: moschino. i was also loving the looks she wore while in my native ghana. check out my three favorite looks from last week. they were all hits to me, but do you spot any misses?

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