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Friday, July 31, 2009


www - blaynistas, look at this advertisement for the upcoming season of dereon clothing. what's wrong with it? on the surface, nothing. it's fun, dynamic, and does a good job of presenting the different ways in which their juniors category pieces can be interpreted. in fact, over all, for a label targeted at the teen/young adult set - i think dereon actually provides decent products at decent price points. but am i the only one who feels that maybe if this brand wasn't connected to beyonce it would have a fighting chance (at least with public - or elitist new york city editor - perception?) p.s - did she really do that split? fab!


Camille Acey said...

oh how i wish they would give this line a rest. it is beyond tired.who buys this stuff besides die-hard fans who keep it to put on ebay as beyonce collectibles?

Anonymous said...

House of Deron ...uhm it is official Beyonce is now a drag queen doing her first time at a ball look...

Anonymous said...

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