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Thursday, July 16, 2009


london - one of the most exciting fashion moments for me in recent history has been the re-opening of ossie clark . i cannot say that this is a brand i knew much about prior to last year, but you could not help but be caught up in the history and nostalgia of it all, once it was purchased by marc worth. the entrepreneur, he launched worth global style network, was ready to rejuvenate the label , ala harvey weinstein and halston here in the states. months later, those plans have fizzled. the ostentatious reason is the recession, but things didn't seem to be going too well for them before that anyway. their debut in february of last year at london fashion week wasn't exactly a resounding success and in recent months their new creative director, avsh alomgur left to focus on his own line. i'm sad to see it go, but sadder still to say this was predictable.....

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