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Thursday, July 23, 2009


www - yep. you read right. APPLE BOTTOMS IS LAUNCHING A FRAGRANCE. now if you are anything like me, that statement confounds and astounds you. your spirit cannot rest because something must be wrong with the verbiage. is it the full caps? is it the term apple bottoms? is it the reality that there is actually a product on the market called apple bottoms? or is it the news that the entity titled apple bottoms was actually able to secure funding to launch anything, let alone a fragrance? my dear blaynista, it is all - and i mean ALL - of the above. why? can you explain? but i digress....the news of the day is: nelly, via his successful clothing line, apple bottom is debuting a fragrance which will be in stores this fall. here's what stylecaster had to say about it: "With fragrance notes thought to represent the confident, sexy, and trendy Apple Bottoms woman – the same woman his clothing line is designed to flatter – the fragrance has top notes of fresh citrus, tropical fruit, and pink peony, sensual and feminine middle notes of apple blossom, rose, and coconut flakes, and creamy base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, golden amber, and velvet musks." so my question is this: are any of these top and bottom notes strong enough to mask the musk bottom launching a fragrance?

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