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Thursday, July 02, 2009

www - listen, i'm the first one to admit that i totally hate a trend story. i mean i figure that my readers and myself are clued in enough to not need an editor or fashion writer to tell then whats haute. besides, it's all about timeless pieces. that said.....(don't you love me!?) i must highlight a perennial and ever favorite summer trend: white jeans. believe it or not, i have yet to try them myself: i am a bit rough with my pieces and so pristine white denim's always scare me. that said, i've been admiring them from afar and totally adore how some stylish celebs from beyonce to cindy crawford to rihanna have been rocking theirs. assuming you haven't already scored a few pairs yourself, i encourage you to check out two versions i'm lusting after by mandees and levi's. i love their versions for quality, style and ofcourse - price. !

all images from bauer griffin

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