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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tina and Beyonce Knowles announce the expansion of their contemporary line, House of Dereon into "Daywear."

usa - it confounds me to no end that in these harsh economic times not only are folks buying beyonce's line, 'house of dereon,' but that they are buying to the point that its actually making profit , and a lot of it. at least that's what it seems like in light of the latest news: house of dereon is adding yet another category to it's roster: daywear. by way of explanation, tina knowles told reporters: "beyonce and i have had several occasions where we are in meetings all day and don't have time to run and change by dinner. this is the perfect collection to wear from the office to dinner because every piece can easily be dressed up or dressed down." (editors note: really, girl? is that so?) all these daytime fashions won't come cheap. they will debut in stores at end of the year and are estimated to range in price between $100 and $200 per piece.

in other house of dereon news, (yes - there is more!) beyonce announced the sasha fierce for dereon collection. yes - sasha fierce for dereon. what does this mean? it means that an entire clothing collection has been dedicated to beyonce's alter ego, which she busts out during performances. fittingly, the clothes will all be based on her concert costumes. It is allegedly designed by Beyonce herself, in tandem with her mother Tina Knowles. (I have a little inkling that a ginormous team of freelance designers actually do the bulk of the work.) The Sasha Fierce collection promises to be, well...fierce. It offers fashionistas with a penchant for over-designed garments, dresses, handbags, eyewear, even lingerie. (can someone say, 'too much?'). in an interview with women's wear daily, beyonce revealed, "the line really exudes a different side of my personality, which i am grateful to express." fans of dereon are sure to be grateful to buy this line which debuts this fall and retails for $25 to $75. it will be sold at macy's and dillards. naturally.

[above image is of sasha fierce collection; top image of dereon day; all images from]


My Fashion Frenzy said...

I hate to say this but -- no kidding.

Camille Acey said...

i am ashamed to say this, but the top look is kinda working for me. i am not one for neutrals, but with a different color combo,i'd prolly rock it .

Anonymous said...

I love this post.
LMAO at "in other Dereon news... yes there's more" hahahaha
Who is buying this? Middle america.

CoCoNoir said...

hahahaa-i love the title of this post; and whoever it is, it is definitely not moi.

je ne sais pas!! et je ne comprende pas!!


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