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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But before you start shelling out your money for the front row seat, it's not exactly what you think.
hong kong - east coast vs. west coast. blood vs. crips. armani vs. chanel? fortunately for us there is no real animosity between the two international fashion labels, but that chanel dripping logo painted on the side of an armani boutique you see here is the doing of the french graffiti artist named zevs (pronounced as "zeus"). his reason wasn't to start a fashion war (thank goodness because we hate to pick a side) but to make a special announcement the night before his first solo show called "liquidated logos" at the statements art gallery in hong kong. zevs is known for his liquidation effect that gives a melting appearance, which is seen by his latest effort. the artist was arrested subsequently by local authorities and had to hand over his passport until his trial last week, and concerning with the chanel logo, he explained that he used water-based, children's paint, which makes it easy to remove. so do you think the hk$6.8 million the owner is asking for the clean-up of his armani boutique too much? 
Kristina Bustos
[story and images via dazeddigital]

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