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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Los Angeles- Blaynistas, we all worship good fashion when we see it
and if you're like me, you often stop on the street and beg someone to
take a photo of their ensemble while flipping through your mental
image of a closet to see how I can reinterpret the look. But what
about BAD fashions. Sure we giggle when we see it but sometimes it
take more effort to look bad then it does to look good (hello,
everyone can throw on a white t and jeans, not difficult people!) If I
were into Bad Fashions and in Los Angeles on August 15th I would be at
the "More is More" fashion competition. The theme is'70's and the more
"far out" you are the better your chances are of winning (circa Diana
Ross in Mahogany)!! This horrendous competition is party of the five
day "So Bad They're Brilliant" movie series starting August 13th at
the American Cinematheque. Blaynistas, if you pull out your extra wide
bell bottoms, glitter, fur and fringe I would LOVE to see pictures!
-Lola Mendez

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