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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Jessica Iclisoy, the beauty behind California Baby Products, has launched two new products we absolutely adore.

www- Every fashionista worth her luxury bag has a few beauty secrets or two to keep her skin as beautiful as her wardrobe. I'm more than willing to share (one of) mine with you: California Baby. Never you mind the word "baby." While these products were formulated for tiny tots, innovative adults, like myself have them to be plenty helpful in keeping my skin clean, moisturized and above all, baby soft. The product line is pretty extensive, but the two which speak to me are her latest: Wash up Moisturizing Handwash and Baby Aloe Vera Cream. Here's the what, where, and why this is so damn good below.

What: Wash Up Moisturizing Handwash
Where: Available at for $19.99
Why: Cleanliness is key, and this product allows you to achieve it in the most gentle and eco friendly way. Iclisoy uses a combination of coconut oil, witch hazel and gardenia flowers as well as natural disinfectants to create a dynamic, sweet smelling and super gentle soap. I use it for my hands, and for my body as well. It's that good.

What: Aloe Vera Cream
Where: Available at for $12.99
Why: Honestly, moisturizing is believing. I went through this jar in one week flat. I generally overdose on creams like a bagista at the Chanel store, but the fact that this product is so versatile made it doubly so. It can be used for shaving, after a facial to calm down your skin, or to help with burns. I stock this in my cabinet like a first aid kit! Once you try it, you'll totally get why!

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