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Friday, August 21, 2009


Hermes won't confirm it, but rumours have leaked that Creative Director, Jean Paul Gaultier is resigning this year. True or false?

paris - sidebar: have you lot noticed that my use of the word legendary is well...legendary? but i digress....the web is whispering that iconic designer, jean paul gaultier is resigning from hermes. in fact, the spring 2010 show in paris this october is meant to be his last. gaultier is currently creative director of the luxury house, while simultaneously designing his own eponymous ready to wear and couture line. he's headed hermes for the past six - very successful years. under his direction, sales have skyrocketed, despite the rocky retail climate. to make matters messier, hermes actually owns a 35% stake in gaultier's brand. so even if he leaves, they will remain connected by the financial ties that bind. (how i wish i had a sponsor to buy and bind me financially. but i digress...) and yet...i almost don't believe this. a part of me almost believes that this could be a negotiating tactic. whats going on behind those crocodile berkin doors? is gaultier trying to angle for more money? in a few days, or weeks, we'll know.

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