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Monday, August 17, 2009


The mega talented Brit singer, attempts to conquer music and fashion with these Womens Wear Daily photo shoot.

new york - oh blaynistas! blaynistas! blaynistas! you know being mean and critical and snarky is not my thing. but lawd-a-mercy! when the occasion calls for it, i must rise! that said...where do we start with miss estelle swaray? one one hand, kudos to her and her team for snagging a photo shoot plus feature in womens wear daily, the widely read industry rag. on the other hand: boo! neither the story or photoshoot clearly communicate the intended message: estelle is uniquely talented and uniquely stylish. instead, what i interpret from these pics and the feature is: estelle has a hit song 'american boy,' and no stylist. and is revealed in the article, estelle puts a lot of thought into her look. (perhaps too much.)

she waxes on about how she'd crafted an "audrey-peppa" look for her upcoming album. as in a blend of "holly golightly" (audrey hepburn's character from breakfast at tiffany's) and hip hop artist, "peppa" ( from the group salt and pepp. but alas, she shares, by the time she was ready to debut, everyone was doing this look which she further describes as 'fifties' and 'corsets' etc.


now her new inspiration is, 'minnie tantrum.' and as this stylish character estelle plans to wear harem pants, sharply tailored jackets and slinky dresses. in other words, the stuff h&m has been selling for seasons; alexander wang has been designing for ages; and intermix had on sale last week.

i don't mean to be gratuitously harsh. but if you are going to wax poetic about your style philosophy and unique look, please make sure that you actually have one. but alas...i are the images from the shoot. what say you?

[images from wwd]


Anonymous said...

oh goodness, i don't even know what to say.

but i totally laughed at this: "in other words, the stuff h&m has been selling for seasons; alexander wang has been designing for ages; and intermix had on sale last week." so true.

Camille Acey said...
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Camille Acey said...

she has some cute songs but when i think of estelle i always think "Not enough". She can sing OK and she looks awright, but with so much competition in the game -- especially with these white girls who bring style and can (sometimes) blow --- you gotta either go hard or go home.

and, uh, estelle, i think your taxi is waiting out front.

Camille Acey said...

and she needs to quit it with that housecoat in the last picture. HOT MESS!

Zandile said...

ACEY!!! you ALWAYS come for the kids! I LIVE for your comments! LIVE I SAY!!!

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