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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Luxury New York City Retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue unveils a radically remodeled designer floor.

new york -  thirty million dollars and several months later, saks fifth avenue is ready to debut its brand new designer floor. brimming with luxurious touches like caved glass, tibetan rugs, and chandelier's the floor is meant to show off sak's stable of high end designers in a sumptious and unique way. the new space will feature 22 hard shops (or shop in shops) and 49 designer labels. shoppers - but i'm pretty sure, not the kinds who browse but the kinds who buy - will be able to retire to 18 private shopping suites or the 5th avenue club where they can nosh on tasty treats or sip refreshing drinks from a newly installed kitchen. buzz building has already started with stories on womens wear daily and other outlets. on september 9th, saks will host a party for 150 fash insiders hosted by charlize theron and the septemer issue (the phrase is starting to wear m out a little!) of vogue and an upcoming edition of new york times will feature a 16 page insert shot by bruce webber to celebrate.  if it all seems a little sumptuous - especially in this rocky retail climate - it is. but the bottom line for saks is simple: driving traffic and boosting revenue on the sales floor to $3000 per square foot from approximately $2800. lets hope this works.

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