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Monday, August 24, 2009


Marketing/P.R Guru, Fashion Addict and New York Socialisto, Geoffrey Patton got his hands on a preview issue of the September Issue, the film which documents the production of Vogue's legendary September 2007 issue.  The film debuts nationally on September 11th, but read below for Patton's advance review of what looks to be a documentary which is as informative as it is entertaining.

new york - I was blessed to have a dear friend (a major studio development director) send me an advance promo dvd of The Septmeber Issue. J'adore it!

After seeing Valentino: The Last Emporer, and as a compulsive Devil Wears Prada fan (must view once weekly, along w/ Auntie Mame), I had high expectations. All were met.

LOVE that all the women running the show at Vogue are really smart! Not one vapid creature in the lot. LOVE all the old photos of Anna and Grace as Vogue models of yesteryear. LOVE all the unmentioned details like assistant packing wardrobes in heels.

For the non fashion insider, I think they will see all the work and love that goes into each issue. Grace is the heroine in this film. And Anna comes across as a brilliant business woman. The film does a great job tying together how all of the fashion biz components (ads, shows, shoots, retailers, issues) interrelate.

NEEDED more Candy Pratt! I live fir her snarkiness! "September is the January of fashion". I mean, who doesn't remember her in Unzipped? "I like strong color. I'm not fond of that!"

NEEDED a hot oil treatment and relaxer for Grace. Really, lets let the dry Sonia Rykiel hair go. Her house is fab! And I love that she's the only chica who can get away with flats in the office. Maybe for medical reasons....

NEEDED less ALT. Yes, thank you ALT for bringing color to Vogue. Literally, the only ethnic model in the issue that went to print, was in his column. But as Conde Nast fave, and maybe only, negro, he might as well be an Amos n Andy blackface skit in this film. Not just too much, he is for much here.

I will be watching on repeat this week to cath all the details I may have missed. Great soundtrack.


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