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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mariah Carey debuts her print ad for her new fragrance that begs to ask, "Is this even Mimi?"
www - oy voy. someone got very happy with the photoshop tools, but really? once you have altered someone's face and body completely different to what he or she looks like that's when you have a reached point, a very low point in your life. mariah carey is on her third fragrance with the company elizabeth arden and on her millionth time she's been photoshopped to death. okay that might be an exaggeration; it's more like 980,000th time. alright! snarkiness aside, it's not the first time mimi has been a victim of "when photoshop gone wrong," which by the way i'm starting to think she's okay with it. i have yet to hear her address this epidemic that befalls her so many times. here is mariah on the first print ad promoting her new fragrance with a name that is as clever as her album titles, Forever, which hits the stores this fall.  
Kristina Bustos
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1 comment:

nk nk nk said...

ewww.. they took a face (not head) from another photo and replaced it on the body..

inhuman looking photo!

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