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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


American Vogue's legendary editor signs on to be a judge of Miss Universe 2009. Hmmm...
bahamas - andre leon talley will be exiting the hallowed halls of conde nast to spend a day or two at the atlantis resort in the bahamas where he will serve as one of the judges of miss universe. i'm overjoyed that finally- someone with real authority can properly assess the glitzy (or garish, depending on your point of view) gowns that slink down the stage during these pageants. but on the other hand - is this a good look for leon? the exposure will be superb and expose this fashion great to the masses - or to mass ridicule. only time will tell. so stay tuned. we think we might just live blog - or twitter - the show to get your comments on it. talley won't be the only fashionista on board. the fashion show co-host and destiny child, kelly rowland will be on tap to perform as will heidi montag. (i am shaking my head at that too). either way this eclectic group of guests works - i will be tuning in , voluntarily, to watch this show for the first time since i was a tween.

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chic noir said...

Andre will be the death of me as a judge.

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