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Monday, September 28, 2009

Just when we thought black model beef would take a backstage exit, it seems two new models in the game are having problems getting along. Chanel Iman and Sessilee Lopez have been getting into brawls at Fashion Week.
new york- "Yesterday, Sessilee Lopez, who frequently Twittered, announced on the site, "sorry twitter but this is my very last tweet ... we had some good times and bad but now our relationship is over ... "; she's now deleted her account entirely.  Many were left wondering why, but some now think that it may have to do with Chanel Iman." Chanel and Sessilee are said to have had beef before London Fashion Week, but apparently that's where it erupted. There is no reason for the beef that we know of but the two are known to not like each other. Chanel had her man with her at every show.. but it said the reason being is that Chanel is worried about Sessilee starting mess.. its all so crazy to me. they both are young BEAUTIFUL and successful they should be BFFs..

Terrence Phearse

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