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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Sculpted Tee goes back to the eighties and a rap mogul designs a T-shirt for a charitable cause.
Sharp Shoulder Leather
www - Three Dots debuts a new piece in its fashion tees line this season, the Sculpted Tee, and is inspired by the eighties. The sheer tees come in classic black and white and features embroidered shoulder pads. Now you're probably thinking, "No way I'm rocking t-shirts with shoulder pads," and some readers of The Cut shares the same sentiment. BEARS516 typed: "Wow, these are truly the ugliest shirts I've ever seen. They probably already sell them at Wal-Mart next to the denim capris with elastic waistbands." And ANNANIKITA typed: "A see-through top with a big saggy pocket right smack on the chest? I don't need shoulder pads anyway... blech!" Tell me how you really feel guys. But honestly? I like these eighties-inspired tees. The shoulder pads aren't as bold as the mannequin makes them appear to be and structure is more apparent when worn by actual people as seen on the model. They also make a fun and fresh alternative from other layering tops in stores. There really is nothing basic about these tees and I like that. To get your hands on these Three Dots Sculpted Tees go to [Story via nymag & Images via
Now for my Jay-Z song reference in the title. If you don't know, the rapper Jay-Z oversees the urban clothing brand Rocawear so it comes to no surprise that he has a knack for designing, and his latest design project is a charitable one. The Hova has designed a T-shirt with an image of tennis player Arthur Ashe who died due to complications from AIDS in 1993. Proceeds will benefit the USTA National Junior Tennis And Learning and the Arthur Ashe Endowment for the Defeat of AIDS. The shirt, which  is part of Jay-Z's clothing line and commemorates NJTL's 40th anniversary, is now on sale at the US Open on and on You can't go wrong with a shirt that honors a prominent tennis player and social activist. Just don't tell J's B that when it comes to designing, he has the edge. [Story via Associated Press and & Image via]
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