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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ailing armani sits down with WWD for the first time since he was diagnosed with hepatitis last june, and tells all

on the upside
"The illness made me understand that you can't joke with your life. For years, I ignored myself completely until I received this blow, which happened for a reason. I realized I had to be more careful. All the stress and mental and physical possibilities take their toll….During my illness, I spent more time in my homes, in Broni, and discovered the pleasure of being with my cats, dogs, and staff. Before, I always felt like a guest in my homes, even if it's tragic to enjoy the things you built thanks to an illness."

on the precaution
"I work shorter hours. I take a break between 1pm and 3pm and try to leave at 6pm….I discovered that sentimental values should be cherished and well-handled. It's important not to go back to being aggressive and nasty once the illness is gone. I will try not to."

his attitude while sick:
"My priority was to get better. So I tried to avoid inflicting negative thoughts upon myself, like compiling a will. Obviously I did one long ago, and maybe it was time to revise it, but I didn't because my days were centered on taking medicine, resting, being nursed or waiting for my sister to come by with a pudding. You become a bit childish, an aspect that contrasts heavily with my attitude, which is always a bit dictatorial.

Terrence Phearse

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