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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Into a Tokidoki collectible figurine that is.
World Wide Web - The Italian maker of Japanese-inspired collectible figurines, Tokidoki, has immortalized Mr. Lagerfeld in vinyl. The ten-inches-tall figurine is decked out in the designer's famous all-black attire: a skinny black suit, a black tie and black sunglasses. Tokidoki artist Simone Legno will create only 1,000 figurines. The collectible figurines will be distributed at Tokidoki flagships in New York, Milan and Los Angeles, and they are priced at 129 euros ($190 according to current exchange). As for Karl he says he's flattered to be a Tokidoki, and as for some of us this will be the closest our hands will get near to the talented designer. [Story/Image via WWD]
Kristina Bustos

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