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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The model expresses her desire to slim down. And a quick update on the controversy surrounding Mark Fast's inclusion of plus-size models in his runway show during London Fashion Week.
Lara Stone Gets New Look for French Vogue fashion 
(Lara Stone showing off a new look on the cover of this year's Paris Vogue September Issue; One of the three plus-size models at the Mark Fast show.)
London - Elle UK caught up with model Lara Stone backstage at the Christopher Kane show during London Fashion Week, which the model had to say this: "I don't want to be the fat one anymore. So, I have just started doing Pilates every morning, then going to the gym, running, and swimming. I make sure to relax in the sauna after exercising." We can interpret her quote in two ways. One is that she finally has caved in to blend in with the waifs who have become the body standard of the modeling industry. If this is the case then I have to say I'm a bit disappointed, and I wish she would continue to own her size four figure (I know size four! That's not "fat" at all) so to pave the ways for other models, who don't fit the norm of the industry, to be where she is right now in her modeling career. The other way we can look at this is that she's just trying to get her body more toned, which doesn't have to mean she'll lose all her weight to be like the waif-like models but to have more body definition. Stone did give a list of fitness activities she's doing not a list of food she's cutting down on. So who knows what is the real intent behind her quote, but I am starting to think that all the attention focused on her body for being "curvy" or "fat" is getting to her head. And that is just disheartening. 
Moving on to bigger things (oh the bad pun!), last week during London Fashion Week designer Mark Fast included three plus-size models. That, of course, didn't go well with his stylist as she resigned over the casting of the models named Hayley, Laura and Gwyneth. Now it's been said that she didn't quit but was in fact fired. The designer's managing director, Amanda May, said that another stylist had jumped into help out with the show. May said she was "so happy we stuck to our guns over the casting". In spite of the criticism Fast is getting for putting the models into very tight mini-dresses, we're glad they did "stuck with their guns".
Kristina Bustos
[Lara Stone story via ElleUK/ Image via; Mark Fast story via The Guardian & frockwriter blog/ Image London Fashion Week

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