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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The actress who reportedly can't get insured for a movie, gets one of the best fashion gigs in town.

Paris - The Fashion Gods are gagging - and it's not with glee. Its with complete confusion over the following news: Lindsay Lohan  - yes, the actress who can barely get hired for a film -  has just been appointed the  "Artistic Director" for Ungaro. In the off chance you are not a fashion geek, here is a brief on the house of Ungaro and why it's haute:  the Paris based luxury label was launched by Emanuel Maffeolit Ungaro, an Italian born , French designer. He officially debuted in 1965 with a womenswear collection and steadily expanded to menswear and fragrances. Ungarao went from strength to strength until the  2005 sale of the company to Pakistan born tycoon Asim Abdullah. Since Ungaro's departure, his namesake company has undergone a series of interesting changes, the most recent of which  is Lohan's hiring. In her new capacity Lohan will work with Ungaro's new chief designer Estrella Archs to make the brand "younger."

How about just making the clothes good?

Its a goal Ungaro has yet to achieve, even with the hiring of then 23 year-old designer Esteban Cortazar in 2007. The talented young designer predictably failed to capture media or retail interest with his collections. The issue is less about age and more about experience, a category in which Lohancomes up kinda short.  But that's no issue for Mounir Moufarrige, Ungaro's CEO, who seems hell bent to get press at any cost.

"Odds are it could work,” he told Womens Wear Daily. “Everything we’re going to get is going to be a plus. I think the noise level around Lindsay will be very, very big.”

All the better to distract from the number of customers Lindsay's involvement will attract, which will be very, very small. [story and photos via]

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Anonymous said...

lindsay lohan?? good choice ungaro. the brand will get press alright but i'm sure it will turn off shoppers.

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