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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shoe lover and businesswoman Erika Wilson creates a chic solution to females' feet woes.
www -  You're probably thinking, why didn't I think of this, because I know I am. All those times of complaining how our feet ached after a long day in heels we could have used it in a more productive way like thinking of a convenient, stylish solution to our aching feet problem. Leave it to a former chemical engineer to find a solution to our feet woes. The New Orleans-born Erika Wilson has created Purse Flats, which features a well-made ballet flats that fold and fit inside matching leather handbag. Other companies have introduced their versions of portable shoes but what makes Purse Flats different is that Wilson have paired the ballet flats "with a classic clutch that can be carried by day in a larger bag or by night on its own," making the transition from day to night just even more chic. There is also room inside the clutch to stash other essentials you need like keys, cell phone, credit cards and lipstick. Although the price at $240 for a set can make you think twice of making a purchase, Wilson made sure her flats are a great investment as they "are made from high-end materials for more durability allowing for long-lasting use even during the worst weather conditions." A portion of proceed from the sale will help the New Orleans public school system in funding a college scholarship for low-income high school seniors. To purchase your own set go to[Story via Images via]
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