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Monday, September 14, 2009

Now the real question is: does the collection woos us? I had to do that.
New York - Susan Woo held her Spring/Summer 2010 eco-friendly collection at the Hudson Hotel on Saturday morning. The big challenge for many designers who want to create an organic collection is how do they do it without the pieces looking like they are actually made from recyclable objects; thus making it appealing to consumers. While I adored John Patrick's Spring 2010 organic show, I'm a little underwhelmed with Woo's take on an eco-friendly line. Now I have to give props to her for wanting to create pieces made from organic fabrics, but the fabric of her designs just look so hard and cheap. Maybe it's the restrictions of working with such fabrics but there really isn't much creativity put in the pieces as well, yes or no? The difference with Patrick and Woo is that Patrick did a really excellent job designing organic pieces that are light and airy for spring, which didn't have us questioning if they are made from recyclable items, while Woo's collection just reminds me of Project Runway Season Three Recycle Episode. If it's any consolation to Woo, she would have definitely won that PR challenge.
Kristina Bustos
[Images WDD/kaightnyc]

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chic noir S.O.S secretary of lickfence said...

I like Woo's line. The pieces are sweetly femine and masculine at the same time. Now the real question is... What is her price point and where can I find her collection.

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