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Friday, October 23, 2009

Make sure to get your issue on November 3rd at a local newstand- the devil is inside ^_^


New York- Gainsbourg is the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg, the French singer-songwriter/actor/director and Jane Birkin, the English actress/model/singer and namesake of the coveted Hermes handbag.  Charlotte is in the upcoming Balenciaga fragrance campaign and has a second album "IRM" co-written and produced by Beck coming out January 2010.  Lars von Trier is known for his tough-love approach during past projects involving Nicole Kidman in "Dogville" and Bjork in "Dancer in the Dark."  The 38-year-old actress stars in director Lars von Trier's domestic drama-meets-horror film "Antichrist" opening this Friday.  

Photographed by PAUL JASMIN;  Styled by HEIDI BIVENS
Fashion Credits:  Bra by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere, Jeans by Stella McCartney 
V Magazine Issue #62 on newsstands on November 3rd.   
Terrence Phearse

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