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Monday, October 05, 2009


The model, whose career is nearly 20 years old, will continue to ad campaigns and editorial.

germany- the German supermodel recently said, "I'm finished with the runway. I won't miss it. I am still modeling and I enjoy that a lot but no more runways. I can sit on the side and view the outfits and see all the detail and that suits me fine. It's very enjoyable. I like my new viewpoint." i think this is a great move for her. she definetly does not need to be strutting down the runway anymore. shes legend.. but there are new girls in town. i think linda evangalista should sit down too and watch the shows along side of claudia. and i wonder what claudias BFF Karl Lagerfeld thinks about her retiring. but the last we can recall was when she walked for Vuitton and Balmain back in 1999, and even that was even a treat. She acts like she still has a fashion week show card going around. I digress... I do love her though.

Terrence Phearse

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