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Monday, October 19, 2009

Cole Rood & Haan Debuts in New York City

Sleek, antique and oh so chic, Cole, Rood & Haan Debuts.

New York - Blaynistas, I've gotten into the awful habit of not including photos of myself (not that you are demanding, but I figure I need to supply), a problem I will be rectifying today - but not necessarily in this post. Get a look at a few pics from the Cole, Rood & Haan party which took place in New York City last week. If everything looks ripped from the 1920s - theres a reason. The decor of the space echoes the design of a new collection called Cole, Rood & Haan. The collection is inspired by the work of 1920s era, Chicago cobblers who crafted oxfords, boat shoes and boots. My favorites are the Bambi boots (see below.) Log on to Cole, Haan & Roode to get a look at the entire look.

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