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Monday, October 05, 2009

The pregnant model hits the Spring 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier Runway and lands the Teen Vogue cover with Chanel Iman.

She has that pregnant-lady glow, doesn't she? Unless it's just a reflection by way of her baby bump.

Paris - Well, they don't call them "supermodels" for no reason, and Ms. Dunn is an example for it. First is Jourdan's recent walked down the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier's spring 2010 show over the weekeend in Paris. For those who aren't up to date with Jourdan's physical state, she's seven-months pregnant. But that didn't stop the lovely model or the designer during Paris Fashion Week as Gaultier dressed Jourdan's baby bump in brown padded plate. Jourdan also appears on the cover of Teen Vogue's November 2009 issue with fellow model Chanel Iman. The models opened up about their friendship and careers, while looking adorable and fabulous as usual.

Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue November 2009 coverJourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue Jourdan Chanel Teen Vogue November 2009Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue 2 Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue 3Jourdan Dunn Chanel Iman Teen Vogue 1

Kristina Bustos

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bee said...

someone is an example OF it, not for it. i know you're a blogger and not a professional journalist, but anyone with a basic grasp of the english language would not make this mistake.

Angel said...

@bee Glad to know your grammar is 100% perfect at all times and that you don't make mistakes. There are such things as misprints and typos. It's even more humorous that you would go out of your way to ignore the main focus of the article to comment on a mistake by the author. It's even more humorous that your comment wasn't written using any capital letters.

As beautiful as Jourdan is, Chanel clearly outshines her in every photo. She seems to be a bit forced.

Anonymous said...

Was that really necessary bee? This blogger went out of her way to post this news - the least you could do is knowledge rather than going all Grammar Nazi on her ass. What a douche-move.

Jourdan looks beautiful.

Kirk said...

Both Iman and Jordunn look very lovely. Let's celebrate and congratulate both of these beautiful young women for reaching the pinnacle of high fashion covers and runway shows.

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