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Friday, October 30, 2009

Jimmy Choo designer, Tamara Mellon, is suing her mom for $9.5 million.
Tamara Mellon.
World Wide Web - Yes, you heard that right, Blaynistas. $9.5 million. So what did Tamara's mommy do to have her daughter go to court next month to testify in a lawsuit filed against her? WWD reports that Tamara accuses her mother, Ann Yeardye, of breach of contract in the sale of Jimmy Choo to Lion Capital in 2004. When the deal was made both Ann and Tamara made agreements about how the sale is split between them. Ann was to get only cash, while Tamara was to get only stock. But it turned out Mommy Ann made off with some stock, which was worth $6.3 million, from her daughter and then she refused to give it back to Tamara when the error was discovered. Didn't anyone teach Mommy Ann that you don't take what isn't yours? Greed isn't pretty, girlfriend. And all of this will go down during the holiday season too. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during their family holiday dinner. Then again we know who won't be invited.  [Story/Image via The Cut]
Kristina Bustos 

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