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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen team up with Linda Farrow to expand The Row with accessories.
Finally, the Olsens Are Designing $400 Sunglasses
                                                                            [Image via The Cut]
World Wide Web - Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have achieved what so many fashion designers and celebrity designers would love to happen for their own labels, and that is success. For the sisters that successful label is The Row and it is outperforming better-known clothing labels too. The company also is expected to be 30 percent higher than last year for its annual sales with the label's total sales estimated at $10 million -- all of this without any formal design training. What are your secrets, MKA? The designers have already added men's wear to The Row and they are now expanding the label with accessories. Ashley and Mary-Kate signed a licensing deal with Linda Farrow to create a collection of sunglasses that range in price from $325 to $390.  The collection will initially feature four styles: "a classic metal aviator, an oversized square frame, a vintage-inspired brown rimmed frame and a pair of round shades inspired by the 1960s." Although the designers told WWD designing eye wear was complicated, they have plans to add more styles and possibly more accessories for The Row if the the collection of the sunglasses is successful. [Stories via The Cut; ElleUK; NYTimes]
Speaking of celebrity designers, I thought this would the perfect time to give you an update on that Kanye West Pastelle clothing line. On Monday (Oct. 12), we posted a preview of what to expect from the line that never seemed to go anywhere until now. Well it turns out it's still going nowhere. His camp just revealed that the Pastelle clothing line would never be released to the market. Oh, okay. It hasn't been a good year for Kanye -- vilified by the media and celebrities for stealing the mic from Taylor Swift at this year's MTV Video Awards, called a "jackass" by President Barack Obama off the record for the similar incident, and canceled his Fame Kills tour with Lady Gaga earlier this month. Maybe his team are trying to do some damage control with his image, and to do that they don't want an over saturation of Kanye West in the media and the market for the time being? Well I, on the other hand, only hope that things will look up for Kanye in 2010. [Story via The Cut/Image via Fashionista] 
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